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Havenwood Cottage

Whiskey Barrel Coat Hanger Wild Horses Mustang Horseshoes

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The pictures hopefully say it all on this wall decor,  Wild Mustang horses of the West.   If you are looking for a one of a kind item for yourself or a gift for someone that loves horses or the old west look no further! 

We created this in our midwest shop, no mass duplication, repurposed from a Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel lid and now a stunning coat hanger wall rack.  You could also use this to hang keys or dog leashes.

Perfect for any entry way.  We hope you think this piece is as beautiful as we think it is.

Measures 21" across, 9.5" tall, hand-painted, stained, poly sealed, backed and a heavy duty hanger installed on the backside.


Please allow for two weeks production time for your custom items to ship.