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Havenwood Cottage

Deep Ocean Blue Waves Wine/Coffee Tumbler

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This tumbler was inspired for our love of all things 60s, fashion designer Emilo Pucci! 

Variety of deep blue, combined with a hint of a white to create a ocean beach foam look! 

This tumbler is a one of a kind due to the way we poured the colors and sealed the cup with resin.  You won't find another one on the marketplace like it.

Be different than everyone else that buys a tumbler off the shelf at walmart, stand out!

This cup is made for hot or cold drinks, holds 12oz and has a lid.

Double wall insulated stainless steel

** If you want an entire set of these tumblers please reach out to us and let us know, we can set up a custom order and mix enough paints/resin to do four cups at once so they will be similar to each other.


Please allow for two weeks production time for your custom items to ship.