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Havenwood Cottage

1934 Mobil Gas Logo Sign Garage Wall Decor

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If you are a collector of old gas signs or Mobil items look no further at what we made for you.....1934 Mobil Gas sign.   15" round pine, cnc engraved, epoxy inlay, hand-painted, poly sealed.  Great for anyone who loves this era, perfect in a man cave!

If you like this piece but want it on bigger round or on a whiskey barrel lid, just reach out we can accommodate putting this on other size pieces of wood.  You really won't find this anywhere else in the marketplace, we custom cut this as well as epoxy inlay.  Forget the replicated tin signs you can buy anywhere and get yourself a custom piece of wall art that no one else will have!

15" Round


Please allow for two weeks production time for your custom items to ship.