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Havenwood Cottage

Love Horses Whiskey Barrel Lid Lasered Key/Coat Rack

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In our homes we like unique decor items that you don't find in every store.  We love one off items that are custom made.   We especially feel strongly about made in the USA, and we want to keep designing and making things that people like us appreciate.

Many times there is just not enough of a barrel in good enough condition to use the entire lid.  We came up with this design that allows us to still retain the majority of the lid and make something perfect for that entry way spot in your home.  This can be used as a key rack, a light coat rack or even a leash rack.   It is laser engraved, with four barbed wire (they look like crosses) hooks..

22" across
Heavy duty hanger


Please allow for two weeks production time for your custom items to ship.