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Havenwood Cottage

American Muscle Cars 3d Engraved Whiskey Barrel Lid

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WOW!  Talk about a throw back to another time!  Right here on one Whiskey Barrel Clock are all your favorite 60's muscle cars! 

We CNC engraved this Whiskey Barrel after tediously putting together a collection of car files and modifying them to be cut so they'd actually look like the car they are representing.  If you look at this barrel closely it looks like we've cut diecast hot wheels in half and glued them to this barrel.  Needless to say we are very proud on how this turned out. 

This has also been hand-painted, stained and poly sealed for protection.  You WILL NOT find another clock or whiskey barrel on the market like this.

Makes a great gift for Gramps or Pop's garage or anyone that is into 60's Muscle Cars.  You seriously will not be disappointed.

22" round
Felt Back
Heavy duty hanger


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